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I JUST WANT TO CANON UPDATE HIM SO BAD. But I can't. Yet. I'm willing to wait for it ;___;

Other than that, he's fine and just coasting along. I never feel any overwhelming need to throw him into plots because he's boring and that's how he likes things. He has one summer semester left at DCC before transferring to university in the fall. And he'll be 21 in August! I can only assume he'll celebrate in an appropriately boring fashion. It's the Mormon way.


Is not and has never been an owl.

That's all I got.

Uhhh I'll be putting a Pride gathering up this weekend, coinciding with NYC Pride, just like last year, so she'll be at that? Yes, there are a million other gatherings going on. It's going up anyway. She's another one I rarely toss into plots because her life has been hard enough and I just want to wrap her in bubble wrap and protect her from everything and everyone. Or maybe I'm protecting me and not her because WHEN SHE HURTS, I HURT. Hedwig bleed is the worst bleed.


Happy. Cute family goals. #blessed

He loves his husband and his baby and their new house and he's glad to be writing again, even if it's just for Space Hospital for the second time. His episodes will air late July/early August and he'll start pitching his idea for his own series around that same time.

He does not love that Sawyer will be starting school soon or that he's growing up so fast. And at this point I think he's dangerously close to just offering new parents cash or walk on roles in Space Hospital in exchange for their babies because he wants another one. Now. Right now.

Bryan, too, will be at Pride. Obviously.


Confession: I'm scared as fuck to tag with him?

Elijah is not for everyone and I worry about just how offensive he is. I thought it was something that would happen when I started playing Hedwig, but it wasn't too bad. Maybe because if/when she's being offensive it's more playful than it is outright her being nasty. Elijah, though, he's brutal. IDK. I'll get over it at some point. Hopefully.

ANYWAY. He needs a job... Or jobs. It's canon that he can't hold one down for very long. Maybe I'll have him work at a coffee shop and get fired for spit muffins. Actually, that just might be his next EP.

Okay, Elijah needs another job since he's being fired from his first. Anyone need a (mostly) gay BFF with a horrible personality and no filter? He'll bring muffins.


Scott Lang is probably next. We'll see. Vanellope or Dr. Horrible might bump him. And then there's Deadpool who is literally always at the back of my mind. I loved him while I had him at TR but mostly when I really think hard about reapping him I just get annoyed about the way things went down and having to drop him last time. And then I'm just like Scott it is!

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Date: 2016-06-26 05:37 am (UTC)
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Waaaaaaaaade. Terry would appreciate her buddy showing up, but I understand the hesitance.

YOU WERE SCOTT LANG??? OMG he was fantastic. I want to play Billy of him forever. XD


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